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About Virtual Estate Auctions

At Virtual Estate Auctions, we provide homeowners and buyers an excellent way to sell and purchase furniture and furnishings. Using modern virtual reality technology and the ability to tag assets with descriptive data, Virtual Estate Auctions creates a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. If a buyer sees a piece they're interested in, they could either pay the "BUY NOW" price, place a bid on it or wait and sign up for scheduled "Open House" preview tour. Each home has their own unique URL. The link can be emailed, advertised via social media and even printed on marketing material.


have a safe and efficient way to sell the contents of your home.


Find what you're looking for efficiently, without having to drive all over the state. Find deals online - see how items work together. Purchase one piece or the contents of an entire room.


Have a seller looking to downsize? Need to offer them a creative solution? Look to Virtual Estate Auctions to help them safely and quickly sell off their assets.

Contact us if you're looking for a virtual estate auction or if you're looking to sell your items!!!

Virtual Estate Auctions offers the home owner a safe and efficient way to sell the contents of their home without all the typical inconveniences. Give shoppers a way to see what you're offering in a real-world, staged environment. Reduce the number of "no-shows." Expose your sellable items to a larger base of buyers. If you're moving / downsizing or just want to redesign your home, Virtual Estate Auctions offers an efficient and affordable way to sell your assets. Contact us today!